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 Maria , 69 year old Advance Glaucoma, Cataract since 2001

" Since Doctor Salud FSMC (March 2015) ,Vision es mas clara, mucho mejor que ante, mas distingo, detalia de caras mas clara mejor the plato is much clear. The bird that flew to the tree was much clearer. Mi esposo cara, TV is brighter mas brilliante. I see better each time" I am happy to see you. Colores es facil identifica. It was bad before for ten years. Es un milagro para mi."

Services We Offer

Rudy, 75 years old have had Macular Degeneration Treatments since 1996 ( 20 Years)

  • Non-Invasive new treatment for Dry Macular Degeneration

  • Comprehensive Ophthalmology exam

  • Cataract Glaucoma Pterygium

  • Yag Ophthalmic Laser Surgery


Salud Eye Center non-invasive new treatment for dry macular degeneration

  •  Integrative & Alternative Medicine for Ophthalmology and use of Frequency Specific Micro Current to consider attaining a better visual world for your Dry Macula Degeneration.


Dr. Salud has developed this pioneering idea that has helped patients with certain dry types of macular degeneration through the use of the Frequency Specific Micro Current device.

We all know that the word degeneration implies dead, unrecoverable cells. If however, we assume that the macula is not truly homogenously dead and degenerated, and that some macula cells interspersed in this central area is alive, just sleeping or lazy, because of their present poor metabolic and deficient nutraceutical status, then there is hope of

reviving these cells.

Salud Eye Center frequencey specific micro current to attain a better visual world

Salud Eye Center none invasive new treatment for dry macular degeneration

dry macular degeneration treatment

 Mary, 81 years old started on nutraceuticals in 2007 ( 9 Years)

"I was diagnosed with macular degeneration in California. I had injections for wet macular degeneration for several years and was successfully converted to dry type, but vision was getting worse. Before the FSMC(October 2014) I had two close calls of car accidents because I did not see the cars right away .Now I can drive safely, brightness is coming back in both eyes, details of numbers are coming back and I can see it now at 10-15 Feet away .I have noticed this one month after the treatment, I feel safe and confident with driving now"

Salud Eye Center Non-invasive New Treatment For Dry Macular Degeneration

Jim, 88 years old diagnosed with Macula Degeneration because of stroke retinal vein in left eye in 2006.

" After the third treatment of FSMCRE(January 2015)my bad eye is seeing better. I can bring the blind area of my bad left eye to the side now, around the blind area is now clearer and brighter.


Salud Eye Center in Lake Wales

Had injections in the eye every two months for three years because of wet macular degeneration and converted to the dry type, but my vision was still fuzzy and blurry. After being treated with Dr Salud's FSMC(July 2014)"I notice my field of vision is broader, wider. Glare from headlights does not have a halo, I can define traffic lights very clearly since FSMC treatment. I can see my wife and pick her out in a crowd of women because I can now see the detail in her face. I can now see the leaves on the trees"

​​Shirley, 81 years old has been doing FSMC Treatment since 2015 

"Colors are brighter, everything is clearer than before . I Went to the DMV ,  saw everything and passed my eye test"

Connie, 90 years old Diagnosed with Macula Degeneration in 2002 (14 Years)

" My good left eye is seeing more clearer with or without my glasses, but my bad right eye the periphery,has more vision. I can not see your face because of the central blind spot in my bad right eye but now after the FSMC since (May 2015). It now wants to sneak in and see. I am not driving now, But I know I am seeing better if I drive"